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Need A Spliff - Mastic Scum / Blockheads (2) - Fear / Blockheads (Vinyl)

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  1. Oct 19,  · Blockhead: Episode 2 by The-Swain. Blockhead masters the art of tele-shopping. Movie , Views (Everyone) Bytesize by TomFulp. Tons of short toons by your favorite artists! Movie , Views (Ages 13+) Admincraft 5 by jaxxy. The gang comes up .
  2. The next thing you'll need to do is bring a blockhead into the world (a process called "warping in"). As new worlds typically begin just after dawn, doing so promptly will give your blockhead the most daylight before nightfall. After a few seconds, a message will pop up welcoming you to The Blockheads. This is the in-game tutorial.
  3. explore origin 0 Base skins used to create this skin; find derivations Skins created based on this one; Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar - Skins that look like this but with minor edits.
  4. Each successive blockhead will cost a different (increasing) amount of time crystals, starting at 50 for a second, for a third, for a fourth, and for a fifth blockhead. With the introduction of death in version , note that the cost is based on the number of alive blockheads, not the total number warped in.
  5. The Blockhead is a unique shotgun manufactured by Tediore. The Blockhead is a rare drop from the Badass Creeper in the Caustic Caverns. Also try Minecraft! – It fires a unique 3x3 spread of fireball blocks that ricochet off of surfaces. These pellets ricochet multiple times and explode upon contact with an enemy. % splash damage.
  6. Jul 18,  · The Blockheads is a mobile game that involves exploration, building, crafting, and survival. It is set in a massive evolving procedurally-generated 2D world with an equator, poles, seasons, oceans, mountain ranges, deserts and vast underground cave networks.
  7. The Blockheads is a game very similar to Minecraft. The difference is that, although you control a 3D character, you can only build in 2 dimensions of a 2D plane.
  8. The blockheads track "Seismosore" has been included in the "From Womb to Genocide" compilation. Recording information: Mastic Scum: Recorded and mixed at .
  9. BlockHead appears to be a humanoid-living on Earth. He appears to be always wearing brown shoes, blue jeans and a red-shirt. While BlockHead's head appears to be a totally round, while his skin is totally yellow-colored. BlockHeead highly resembles the smiley-face. Personality. BlockHead always appears to be happy with a big-smile.

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