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Radio Edit - Bingo Bango Bongo Collective - So High ! (You Got Me Stompin My Feet) (CD)

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  1. A phrase that can be used in absolutely all circumstances according to how it is pronounced. For instance, it can be used to express all emotions such as anger, happiness, excitement and even confusion. However the phrase is most commonly used as a sign of acknowledgement and approval.
  2. BINGO, BANGO, BONGO A really fun game to play. Each hole is played for three points. One point goes to the player who first reaches the green. The second point is awarded to the ball closest to the hole once everyone reaches the green. The third point goes to the winner of the hole using net scores. You can play the game for a set sum per point.
  3. The songwriters Bob Hilliard and Carl Sigman wrote this for a special musical show at the legendary New York nightspot The Copacabana. When The Copa turned down the song, Hilliard and Sigman used it in a Broadway stage revue called Angel in the Wings, which ran for performances at the Coronet Theater from In the show, it was performed by Elaine Stritch.
  4. The Bingo Bango Bongos is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing (starpower). The Bingo Bango Bongos is a set of bongos. It has a pink umbrella that shields the bongos from the sun.
  5. The original song title is Civilization from the year and was also known as the Bongo, Bongo, Bongo song, because those are the lines from the original chorus. The next year it was translated to Finnish which had the lyrics Bingo, Bango, Bongo.
  6. Does "Bongo Bongo Bongo" bother you?I met someone today who refuses to play the game because they think it's super racist. I think "So I think I'll stay where I 'awm'" is one of the worst attempts at rhyming I've seen. It's Bingo Bango Bongo. No, I fucking love that song. Favorite one in the game besides Butcher Pete. level 2.
  7. So bongo, bongo, bongo, I don't wanna leave the Congo, oh no no no no no Bingo, bangle, bungle, I'm so happy in the jungle, I refuse to go Don't want no jailhouse, shotgun, fish-hooks, golf clubs, I got my spears So, no matter how they coax him, I'll stay right here They have things like the atom bomb, so I think I'll stay where I am.

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